Antoshka -
Excellent care, delicious homemade food, spacious playground, academic and creative development for your children
Welcome dear parents! My name is Tatiana. I have extensive experience working with children which was acquired at various preschool and daycare centers throughout the Bay Area. Formal education in child development helps me to choose a right approach to teach children of todler and preschool age.
We would be happy to invite little friends to our loving, cheerful, fascinating, full of new explorations world where every single minute will be an advanture!
What we do
  1. Excellent care
    Quality care for your kids Teaching basic self-care skills
  2. Delicious homemade food
    We provide four meals a day: Breakfast at 9 am First snack at 11 am Lunch at 1 pm Second snack at 4 pm
  3. Spacious playground
    Our spacious playground consists of two areas. Biking and scooters area, and another area is for play and active games.
  4. Academic and creative development
    We never miss an opportunity to blend play with our early education curriculum. Every day we follow educational program: Math and science Creative expressions Language development (English and Russian), art, music, and movement (dance and gymnastics) Problem solving Social development Our “curriculum” is everything that happens in the classroom and outside from interactions and meals to singing and playing!
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Contact Information
Address: 599 Baltic Way, San Jose, CA 95111
Tel: 650-389-4712